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Meet Our Staff


Joel Green, Customer Service, General Manager

Joel has been with E & A for over 30 Years he lives and breaths the Restaurant Business! Visit his Linked In Profile at


Lori Trachtenberg, Office Manager

Lori "The Great"

Lori has been with E & A for over 30 Years, loves to cook and watches hours of Cooking shows. She is responsible for the new website!

Darren Fullman, Sales         

Darren Fullman   

Darren has been with us for 20 Years, he is in our Marketing and Sales Department.  Darren moonlights as a DJ on the weekends as DJ Sequence and has played on major New York Radio stations like 98.7 Kiss FM, 107.5 WBLS FM and Hot 97!                        

Adam Trachtenberg, Sales Consultant/Executive Chef                                  

Chef Adam TrachtenbergAdam has been with us for 22 Years is our Resident Chef and is ServSafe Certified!  A Graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary School, he has worked all over the world as a Trouble Shooter for Club Mediteran`ee and honed his skill in such places as The 21 Club, The Russian Tea Room, The Museum of Modern Art and The Carnegie Deli.  He also is involved in ongoing Training Programs in our Industry and has earned many Honors and Awards by his Peers.

Carmine Guerriero, Sales

Carmine has been with us for 28 Years, he is our Smallwares Expert in China and Glassware!
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